Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index

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The Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index is ready. A limited version is available for download here. To get the full version, contact us and let us know how we can help. This index is for you if :

You are overachieving but you are feeling something wrong may happen.

After all, planning and anticipating worst case scenarios is your job as a manager. You know your team can take a lot. Your track record of success speaks for itself. However, your instinct tells you there is something missing to connect them to something bigger and keep them motivated.

Your numbers are just average.

You feel you are struggling to get the most out of your teams. They deliver but somethings is wrong with your key stakeholders: employees’ retention and customers’ renewals are going in the red. Your ideas may not spread to the wider organization and, while some remain reliable change agents, others feel stuck and start showing skepticism.

You are behind numbers.

Not much of what you have tried so far has produced an impact. Despite your great motivational speeches and inspirational weekly emails, your numbers get worse month after month. Early successes are far away, and energy and morale are low. You have some adjustments to make, some processes to fix and some poor performers to weed out but your gut feeling is that it will not suffice.


Sometimes, a better strategy and productivity increase are not be enough to keep you or get back on track. Neither are emotional and tactical short-term decisions.

So, stop shooting by the hip when sales reps do not make their quotas. Or shooting for the moon while our teams feel they are running a mud race.

You need to look deeper in your organizational balance and review the fundamentals of your organizational health.


What is in the Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index?

This is an in-depth assessment of your organization through its main components.

If you have already used the Bold & Sharp Sales & Marketing Index, or Bold & Sharp Sales Operations Index, you know how it works. You can conduct a self-evaluation or hire us to guide your through the questionnaire.

We know what questions to ask to conduct an unbiased evaluation. We provide support and guidance on actions to take through a 2 days’ workshop.

The Bold & Sharp Health Organization Index complements the workshop on organizational balance based on the 9 components of corporate identity and reputation. It consists of 5 sections, 15 categories, and 45 questions.

We cover :

  • Vision & purpose: we assess consistency and alignment of your corporate vision, purpose and mission statement.
  • Strategies & goals: we assess the clarity of your direction, as well as its understanding and buy.
  • Change & nimbleness: we assess your change skills and capabilities, starting with your customer centricity.
  • Consistency & execution: we assess your orchestration capabilities, integration and impact.
  • Enablement & empowerment: we assess how continuous learning triggers involvement and collaboration.

Think. Good selling.