The keys to Account Planning

Bold & Sharp transforms account planning into impactful sessions and your salespeople into trusted advisors.

Key account management.

In the era of the Challenger Customer, our customers know almost everything about us before reaching out. When business stakes are high, they take for granted that they should investigate to have peer to peer discussions and make informed decisions. Returning the favor is not only a way to show them how customer-centric you are, it is a matter of pure performance, even survival.

Key account planning.

If you have attended our sales planning session, you know almost everything about account tiering and account targeting. Account planning is complimentary to Territory planning. For mere productivity and seniority reasons, key account management and strategic account planning are not for everyone and every account. The business benefits are huge if the concept of Key Account Management is supported by appropriate processes, content and timing.

Account planning.

Everything you need to know about your key accounts, their potential, their pains, their challenges and their initiatives is the starting point for the initiative. Next steps : Build the plan to differentiate et align your organization on realistic engagement and revenue goals. Forget about standard discovery meetings. Forget about the typical “what keeps you up at night” average salesman qualification question. Position your organization as a trusted partner and and a preferred supplier.

Benefit: knowing everything about your key accounts and improving the level of relationship with your strategic accounts and their key decision makers. Outcome: selling more and better, closing more and faster.

After analyzing your current process, the approach is simple: adopting the materials, the process and the cadence that meet your needs.


  1. Inventory: analysis of your current process; data used, areas of improvement.
  2. Activation: project team creation; template design; actionable data; automation.
  3. Enablement: training and support for implementation. Hands-on sessions.

Strategy and Execution: discover our offers


The keys to
Territory Planning


Do your strategic accounts exist only strategic in name?

Create and adopt a support and account planning methodology that turns your sales people into trusted advisors.