Key Account Selling

Bold & Sharp helps you define your key accounts and your key account approach to make them the pillars of your business strategy.

All accounts selling.

Sales managers often decide to either focus on a handful of strategic accounts, thus reducing sales people’s playground to the bare minimum, or to adopt a volume strategy where the level of activity is supposed to drive performance. Worse, some organizations treat all their accounts the same way. Only does reps seniority vary.

Key account targeting.

No big account approach: come on lads, a round of BANT for everyone! The success rate is disappointing. Sales people quit and managers are under pressure to meet the double-digit growth target set by the board. Appointing so called managers or knowing your ideal customer profile are not enough to succesfully sell in accounts. Potential and propensity to buy also matter.

Key accounts selling.

Step 1 : strategic accounts segmentation. A good data base and a good dose of comment sense are a prerequisite to kick off the initiative.

Step 2 : the point is to align your organization from lead generation to implementation to better target your key accounts, and sell more and better. Account Based Marketing may not be far away but we can do without.

Key account selling does not happen overnight. The approach consists in better targeting and managing your strategic accounts, but also in better qualifying and managing your opportunities to sell big.

After carefully defining the list of your key accounts based on accounts scoring, our approach is simple : adopt and extend the Target Account Selling culture to your entire organization and make it a prime asset.


  1. State of the art: defining your ideal client profile and profiling your Tier 1 accounts
  2. Targeting: building project team, interviews, and accounts prioritization
  3. Customization: adapting the TAS offer to your organization
  4. Activation: training and workshops
  5. Enablement: support for implementation

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