Value selling

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Value Selling.

Have you ever noticed how the word “Value” is misused and overused? By your sales people, in response to the slightest question about an opportunity, as the ultimate argument supposed to differentiate your offer, or as the most common reason for losing a deal. Value is easy to blame and boils down to price if you fail to attach it to tangible business pains and benefits related to your products and services.

Solution Selling ?

Value has a quantifiable impact on your customers’ business and is only worthwhile if it is shared and ackowledged. The ROI calculator posted on your website? A mere marketing tool if the value is not proven at every stage of the sales cycle and then measured once your solution is deployed. Solution? Forget about this term. Solutions exist only in customers’ minds, not in your product catalog.

Value selling!

Solution Selling, Customer Centric Selling : what’s in a name? We take the best of enterprise and complex selling to put your customer at the center of the conversation and of your sales process. Forget SPIN, BANT or MEDDIC. Unless they are redesigned and adapted, they are only qualification tools. B2B value selling is a journey that will deeply change your sales people and your organization.

This offer is a transformation project. We align the 5 components of the sales process with your customers’ buying process and revisit your opportunity management from lead generation to closing.

Benefit: a clear sales methodology, a management system, and multiple sales job aids to solve the equation:

Sales = P ²x V²xC (*Sales = Pain x Power x Value x Vision x Control)


  1. State of the art: existing sales process analysis and highlight of areas of improvement.
  2. Foundations: workshops on current sales methodology, processes and management system.
  3. Activation 1 : gap analysis and mapping versus a value selling approach; tools selection.
  4. Activation 2 : value selling training; hands-on workshops on one offer or product.
  5. Restitution : implementation support and enablement.

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