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You may have a specific need regarding recruitment or talent management, sales methods or strategy and execution capabilities. That’s good news: the offers listed in each of our pillars are tailored to meet these specific needs. They all include an audit phase that allows us to customize our approach according to your needs. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for this audit phase to identify various needs that could impact your sales performance: talent management, sales methods and techniques, strategy and operational excellence, and technology to support your sales and marketing efforts efforts. We will be able to create a tailor-made project. Objective: transformation!

Lead generation, contact management, CRM, marketing automation, Account Based marketing, Onboarding and integration,continuous learning, Knowledge management, recruitment. The tools available are legion. We audit your sales and marketing technology stack. We may recommend basic and simple settings to implement the tools and methods we shared on talent management, sales processes or strategy and execution.We may advice to set up brand new technologies. For CRM, sales, marketing and service, we made the well considered choice of Hubspot. We are certified.But we remain agnostic. We help you source and implement the best tools for your sales and marketing organization, not just the hottest ones.

Our clients, whether they are established companies, startups or investment funds, often have an idea of what they need to change to improve their sales and marketing performance.Sometimes they don’t have one or they are not sure they have the right one.. Our audit methodology covers existing tools, processes and systems, and of course talents. The result is a complete documented analysis of your sales and marketing performance. An Executive Summary lists the priorities and milestones for recommended changes based on what makes us different: experience, expertise and creativity.

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Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index

The Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index is ready. A limited version is available for download here. To get the full version, contact us and let us know how we can help. This index is for you if : You are overachieving but you are feeling something wrong may...

Our Workshops

Leader or manager? Manager or individual contributor? Regardless of your level of responsibility and leadership style, the real question is: What is the common denominator of those who unleash potential, improve individual and collective performance, and exceed goals? The answer is simple: the art of coaching. This 2-day workshop, blending theory and practice, equips you with the keys to becoming a great coach and mastering critical conversations. You will uncover the reasons that inadvertently make you a less effective coach and gain the tools to address them. You will how to leverage the 6 sources of influence to optimize your own performance, nurture talent, and elevate your teams.

Coacher pour gagner

Sales negotiation, especially in complex sales, is not just a price discussion. It starts as soon as your business opportunity has been qualified and goes on throughout your sales cycle. It requires coordination and collaboration with your teams… And the mastery of fundamental techniques such as BATNA, ZOPA or PRV. This workshop will enable you to tell negotiation from lies, to know when and how to make concessions, to distinguish between demand and interest, information and influence. It will give you the keys to create value and confidence while avoidingwrong assumptions, mental or emotional biases.

Over-communication and interactions, both internal and external, fragment our work days. Having a plan is not enough: you need to be able to stick to it. After carefully defining your critical missions and related initiatives, we share the best tools and practices to increase your personal productivity and regain control of your time: email management, attention management, planning and prioritization.

OKR, OGSM, V2MOM, Balanced Score Card, strategic planning. Ultimately, the name does not matter. The common denominator of high-performing managers, executives and sales people is that they combine a global vision with an outstanding ability to execute. From choosing the right tool for your organization and culture, to defining priorities, metrics and milestones: whatever the tool, we help you define the components of your strategic planning and turn it into a lever for employee engagement.

Mergers, acquisitions, new strategic directions, forced change: some organizations are losing their balance, their cohesion and their efficiency. This workshop is for leadership to refocus and align on the 9 fundamental pillars of strategy, communication and competitive positioning.

winning teams

Disappointing results, poor communication, lack of confidence or fear of failure… This workshop is dedicated to leadership and sales teams. It allows you to detect and solve teams’ dysfunctions in 6 steps. It includes underperforming teams symptoms analysis, the ABC of culture, winning teams best practices, mastering crucial confrontations, real life tools to build cohesive teams and collective performance, and the understanding of personal behavior and communication styles, namely under stress.

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We offer tailor-made projects that include analysis, consulting, training and implementation. And workshops which content can be leveraged straight away for maximum impact.