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team dysfunctions In 6 steps.

Team dysfunctions.

Why do certain teams add up to be greater than the sum of their parts, while others destroy individual potential? Poor results are only the consequence of obvious pains: poor communication, sluggish meetings, or inability to work together. The absence of commitment, the lack of cohesion, or bad execution are but other distinct symptoms. A toxic culture, politics, conflicts, and violence are the worst syndromes. What if it all started with the vision, values and culture of results dear to V2MOM? Too simple…

Team Culture.

Does team cohesion equal corporate culture? Your team still needs to agree on your culture and what it implies. There are 8 major corporate cultures. Each has its own values, strengths, and weaknesses. There is yet a common denominator between winning teams and culture according to Daniel Coyle: safety, vulnerability, and a common purpose, not only shared KPIs or stretched goals. Which is close to the management principles set by Tom Rath in his Strengths based leadership best seller around trust, hope, stability and compassion.

Team Performance.

Theory is fine, but what about everyday business life? A result and performance-based culture is not enough to create cohesiveness or shape a winning team. From cognitive biases to conflict management, from mastering crucial confrontations to management by influence, we cover in this workshop the best practices that will allow you to handle the most critical situation. Not to mention the fundamentals of empathy and individualized communication with an introduction to DISC and Process Communication.

This 2-day workshop is dedicated to team cohesiveness and covers the symptoms of deficient teams and the best practices to fix them.

After an audit phase of your situation, we create a tailor-made content.


  1. Audit: analysis and understanding of your specific points of improvement.
  2. Launch: coaching materials and customized hands on workshops.
  3. Activation: two days including theory and practice.
    Symptoms of losing teams
    The ABCs of Culture
    What the winning teams do
    Know how to manage difficult confrontations
    Psychology, Empathy and practical tools

Your team fails to deliver, communicate or make decisions?

In 2 days, we give you the keys to overcome dysfonctions and implement the best practices leveraged by high performing teams.

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