About us


Our mission

We are a consulting provider dedicated to strategy & sales performance. We offer B2B companies the ultimate tools and methodologies of US tech companies to help them grow better & faster.

We assist CEOs, Chief revenue officers, VP sales, Chief operation officers, Customer success managers and talent managers. Outcome: bold decisions and sharp advice to drive change.

Our approach is straightformward and to the point. No blah, blah, blah: No bablah: the culture of performance and trust we apply to ourselves will benefit your business. These values are at the heart of our relationship with our clients.

Our offer includes 4 pillars: talent management, strategy and execution, sales methodologies, and ad hoc project management. All delivered with one goal in mind: your performance.

Our values

Transparency & trust

We say what we do, and we do what we say. We measure the impact of our intervention and the evaluation of our own performance is part of our commitment.

Performance & impact

We listen carefully…before focusing 200% on deliverables that have a real impact on your talents and your business. We make a point of delivering on time the changes our customers expect and hired us for.

Passion & innovation

We are passionate about the changes we drive through creative and out of the box thinking. We live and breathe the sales transformations we trigger . No empty words, nothing but execution and impact.

Our vision

First things first. Let us start and execute the plan to get 100 happy customers who are proud to be “Bold & Sharp” and get measurable impact on their top line. The midterm goal is to expand in sales and marketing tools integration, and then headhunting. We will seize the right opportunity with our existing customers to get there.



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