Taking up a new role and transition

Bold & Sharp supports your high potentials to make their transition a launching pad, not an obstacle course.


It seems natural to promote the best performing salespeople to managers. Or promote Level 1 managers to Level 2 based on achievements. However, results are not a guarantee of success at the next level. One third of promotions turn into a a complete disaster. Whose fault is it? Poor coaching or inability to grasp the challenges of the role?


Replicating what worked in the job that got you promoted is the surest way to fail. Will and ambition are valid drivers. Not enough however to succeed in manager roles. The first 90 days are critical. But you have to be crystal clear about what to do before taking action. Talent is not enough. You need a plan and the keys to a successful transition.


Michael Watkins‘ First 90 Days is a benchmark of what needs to be done when taking up a new role. We leverage it and adapt it to your context. We adjust the 90 days’ approach and include change management routines, our own personal development, planning and execution tools. Over 3 or 12 months, we coach your talent into a successful transition. Impact guaranteed.

Beyond the making numbers and reaching goals, what are the key success factors that define success over the first 3, 6 and 12 months in a manager role and what are the key success factors? What personal development and coaching support is available to help your talent succeed and grow into their new role?

After understanding the challenges of the new role, the method is simple: we define the transition plan, the critical missions and milestones in 10 key steps to succeed in the new position… And we provide the empathetic and emotional support that is essential to turn a promotion into a springboard.


  1. Audit: profile analysis, job description analysis, identification of observed and possible gaps.
  2. Launch: plan, missions and deadlines definition.
  3. Activation : support on plan execution, coaching on areas of improvement, and managerial and leadership stance.

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The promotions and transitions of your talents into new roles are an obstacle course?

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