The best tools

Sales job aids.

We may have already worked together on your best talents identification, your sales methodology optimization or your strategy definition. We may need various tools to make you more productive, more agile and more efficient. Excel sheets or PowerPoint decks are sometimes the simplest alternatives to become more efficient. After all, when real time collaboration and updates are available…

Selection support.

Until they no longer match your ambitions and become a hindrance to your performance and growth. Contact management tools, lead generation tools, prospecting tools, CRM tools or simple sales job aids, marketing tools or Account Based Marketing, digital Onboarding or e-learning platform. Stand-alone tools or unified platforms. Building your sales and marketing technology stack can be a real headache.

Performance delivered.

We are familiar with these situations. We anticipate the creation of silos by keeping in mind a global vision of your organization. Increasing revenue, operational excellence, opening new markets: these are legitimate goals that deserve unified systems to support your growth. We are a Hubspot certified partner. This does not prevent us from remaining agnostic and from selecting the best tools, not the over-hyped ones.

From optimizing your CRM to accelerating your lead generation, from marketing automation to key accounts targeting, we help you choose and implement the right tools, not just the hot ones.

After defining the goals and scope of your project, we select and implement the chosen systems on time and on budget.



  1. Inventory: current situation analysis, scope and objectives definition
  2. Activation: specifications, shortlist, selection.
  3. Transfer: user and technical implementation.

Looking for the technology stack that will boost your growth?

From onboarding to lead generation, from customer relationship management to marketing automation, we help you choose the best tools.

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