Challenger Sales Method

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B2B differentiation

Everyone agrees that commercial differentiation is the key to business: offering the same product, or at least perceived as such, on the same street and on the same sidewalk makes no sense. It leads to a price ware that impacts margins and profits. Understanding what really makes you different is the first step of our approach. Adopting Challenger Sales is a long journey, however. More of a rough road than a bed of roses. Sometimes hazardous depending on the size and means of your organization.

Challenger Sales ?

Revisiting your sales approach, from the first meeting to the closing meeting, to deliver a perspective that challenges your customers’ thinking and leads them to perceive your offer as the solution, is still only the beginning of the journey. Oddly enough, finding out that you may not have anything unique is one of the options. You may even find the challenger choreography hard to swallow! Or that the 5 typical buyer profiles are a good reminder of the psychology of selling. No more.

Challenger yourself!

Distilling differentiated sales and marketing content that highlights what makes you uniquen is the next step. Final destination : equip your sales force and your 5 reps profiles with the tools needed to teach your customers what they ignore about their own business, then customize your approach by industry, by persona and the psycho of your stakeholders. And retake the control of the conversation.. Insight based Selling and the best of other sales methods are never far away.

Challenger Sales can take several months to implement: within weeks you’ll be able to distinguish between strategy and differentiation to deliver the expertise and perspective your customers expect.

After defining what makes you unique, the approach is simple and straightforward : master and adopt the very best of Challenger Sales while leveraging the very best tools of other Enterprise sales methodologies.


  1. Inventory: analysis of your positioning and understanding your difference.
  2. Foundations : workshops on differentiation and pitching.
  3. Activation 1: Challenger Sales fundamentals and insights review.
  4. Activation 2: reviews of sales and marketing approaches. Implementation on one offer.
  5. Restitution: enablement and follow-up on implementation

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Insight based Selling or Challenger Sales are not for everyone!

Demystify and adopt the best of the Challenger Sales method to sell more and faster.