Sales headhunting

Bold & Sharp is also a headhunting agency. We focus on senior sales and sales management.


Recruiting a senior salesperson, a business engineer or a sales manager: expectations are high and up to the quota allocated to them. Yet, only 30% of the HR managers we interviewed report that ” Hiring ” is a skill which is fully acquired by their leadership … Or mastered by their internal recruiting team!

Hire well.

Your network may be your primary source for hiring salespeople. It is always reassuring to draw from a pool of acquaintances or previous colleagues. This is no guarantee of success in a particular business context and a specific culture. Neither is relying on an agencies whose job it is to run their own network of preferred candidates or to push resumes.

Hire the best.

Trust us with your recruitment. From your challenges understanding to the definition of the roles and overarching goals, from the sourcing strategy to a an attractive and inspiring job post, we leverage the Success Factor approach to hire the best candidates according to an objective assessment. Not the best actors or those sponsored by recruitment agencies that are sales agents in disguise.

If we had a chance to train you to the Success Factor approach, you know how structured and rigorous our recruitment process is from success criteria definition to the interview matrix and process.

We are also a headhunting agency. We leverage the Success Factor methodology to hire the best sales executives and the best sales reps. Productivity and retention guaranteed.


  1. Audit: needs understanding and existing process flaws: new process, SFM, advertising, sourcing strategy.
  2. Launch: test on a pipeline of 50 candidates, debriefing and adjustments.
  3. Activation: research, interviews and support until the end of the 3-month trial period.

Talent management: strive for excellence and discover our offers


and integration

The keys to
sales performance
Taking up a new role
and transition

No time, no resources, no skills to recruit top sales talent?

Trust us with your recruitment and discover the power of the Success Factor method.