Sales negotiation

Bold & Sharp gives you the keys to

complex, multi-stakeholders sales negotiation.

Defending prices.

There are various pretexts and wrong reasons for losing a deal: the competitor had a better offer, we could not draft a proposal in due time, or the customer did not perceive the value of our offer. Not to mention the price: this becomes the ultimate argument to justify the lack of preparation and poor information gathering. Defending your price at the end of the sales cycle is an admission of failure.

The art of negotiation.

The Challenger Sales taking control and negotiation framework lays the foundation for successful negotiation: it requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s pains and the ability to differentiate with multiple stakeholders. Is that enough? Not quite. In complex selling, every step of the sales cycle is a negotiation. You’d better come equipped to win over your competitors. The concepts of BATNA or ZOPA are not enough, but they can help.

Value creation.

Just because you take control of your sales process doesn’t mean you’re going to win hands down. From negotiation techniques to the Art of asking questions, from value creation to cognitive anchors and biases, from tactics to strategy: you will know everything to obtain the best possible agreement, even in a weak position, even with the CFOs of your most strategic accounts.

This 2-day workshop covers all aspects of successful negotiation. We cover the best of sales methodologies and negotiation techniques by alternating theoretical sessions and practical cases.

After taking the time to understand your organization and your offering, we tailor the content of our workshop to the areas of improvement and the recurring reasons why you are losing business or accepting the unacceptable.


  1. Audit: analysis and understanding of your specific areas of improvement.
  2. Launch: creation of coaching materials and customized case studies.
  3. Activation: two days including theory and practice. Can you negotiate an orange?

Are your teams navigating between passivity and aggressiveness without finding the right balance?

In 2 days, we give you the keys to complex negotiation and value creation.

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