Sales Play

Bold & Sharp helps you define your Sales Plays,
to win more often and faster.

Strategy or tactics?

What is a Sales Play ? A repeatable, creative, and well thought out plan to complete the ideal sales choreography from customer engagement to closing. This applies to your sales force as well as to your partners. It is a tactical game plan that allow your sales teams to improve their conversion rate. A collection of good and best practices to sell more and better.

Business tactics.

It can be for a time-bound campaign, or your generic sales process. It can be dictated by the board, in line with the long-term strategy or shaped by the observations of your sales people in the field, or by your marketing department based on a mapping of your solutions with the famous customer imperatives. Anyway, this is the framework that translates your high-level go-to-market into day-to-day business requirements.

Game plan & Play book.

You may win sometimes, but do you give yourself a chance to win more and faster? In other words, do you have a sales play by products and by industry that allow you to optimize your chances to win more. From your ideal customer profile to sales ready messaging for your prospects, from marketing content to objection handling, we identify your sales plays and create your play-books accordingly.

The objective of this offer is to give you the means to blow your annual quota, or to increase your quarterly sales on a specific product, a type of customer or a specific vertical.

After taking stock of your best practices, the process is simple: identify, define and document your tactics and strategies in a Sales Play Book that will make you win every time.


  1. State of the art: existing Sales Plays, ideal customer profile, ideal sales process, success rate, success ratio.
  2. Inventory: building the project team, interviews, review and prioritization of Sales Plays.
  3. Activation: selection of one Sales Play, strategies, objectives, results and content.

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