Coaching to win

Bold & Sharp reveals how to make coaching

a lever for collective and individual performance.


We explore your leadership style and the 4 areas of experience to bring out the best in you. We teach you how to communicate your weaknesses while making the most of your strengths, how to detect and correct postures that make you a bad coach by accident. We help you identify and adapt to the different profiles that make up your team, to highlight their motivations and personal drivers We show you how to detect the symptoms of team dysfunctions and broken communication. We provide you with simple solutions to correct the course of action and achieve higher performance.


After defining your organization’s culture and testing its reality, we explore how it impacts your won coaching approach. We lay the foundation for coachin to win by giving you the keys to navigate between safety, vulnerability and purpose. We discuss the 4 main coaching methods and help you navigate between coaching in the moment and high coaching moments, between questions and recommendations, between creativity and proficiency. We discuss the 4 coaching postures and the mistakes to avoid. You learn to deal with the “divas” and raise your game while setting your boundaries.


In addition to understanding the challenges raised by critical conversations, you will know when and how to address them. You will be able to avoid pitfalls by mastering your rational and emotional biases. We show you how trust and safety are the surest path to constructive dialogue and outstanding performance. You will learn all the techniques of great coaches, starting with those of parents who master the art of coaching bad seeds. You will know how to use the six sources of influence to address root causes, solve real problems and defuse the most volatile situations, including the particular case of anger.

This 2-day workshop between theory and practice is dedicated to poor coaches and suffering teams who wish to place coaching at the heart of their performance. After an audit phase of your situation, we create a tailor-made content.

Deliverables :

  1. Audit : analysis and understanding of your specific areas for improvement.
  2. Launch : creation of coaching materials and tailor-made practical exercises.
  3. Activation : two days between practice and theory.

Lost between micromanagement and laissez-faire? Lack of courage or techniques to approach critical conversations calmly?

In 2 days, we give you the keys to becoming a great coach and getting the best out of yourself, your employees, and your teams.

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