Productivity and Time Management

Bold & Sharp gives you the keys to personal productivity to regain control of your time.

Priority management.

Information overload, communication tools exhaustion, emails, projects firefighting, endless meetings: we all have, whatever our hierarchical level, the strange feeling of losing productivity and efficiency. Consequence: distraction or attention deficit at work in the best case. For some of us, spending time and energy on priorities that are imposed and not chosen, may have a quite different outcome: loss of purpose and burn out.

Planning and priorities.

Planning is a good start to take back control of one’s working life. It does bring you back to your objectives, your missions, and your own deadlines. It won’t do the trick if your plan is ruined by other priorities just because you don’t know how to say “No”. Or if you have lost sight of your overarching priorities and you are unable to prioritize your tasks and activities.

Productive and efficient.

Knowing how to say “No” and mastering crucial conversations is a first step to regain control of your personal productivity. Delegating, controlling your attention variations, getting familiar with email management techniques and practical productivity tools, some of which are inspired by ADHD, will be a decisive step towards returning to your performance standards and recovering your serenity.


This workshop covers all aspects of personal productivity and time management from diagnosing your employees’ activities to providing them with practical tools.

After a diagnosis phase, we create a tailored coaching program we deliver through a two days’ workshop where theory alternate with practice sequences.


  1. Audit: analysis and understanding of the areas of improvement
  2. Launch: coaching materials and customized hands on workshops.
  3. Activation : 4 half day sessions to regain control of your working life.

Stressed out leaders and overworked teams?

In 2 days, we give you the tools and methods to regain control of your working life and become more productive.

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