The keys to Territory Planning

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Sales targets.

In an ultra-competitive environment where focus and execution are paramount, not having a plan is the surest way to get nowhere. Oddly enough, Territory planning is an exercise that few sales people master. Yet, this is but the the combination of critical thinking and planning, which outcome is supposed to be monitored and updated on a quarterly basis. Quotas are not sales goals. These should be set by your sales people themselves!

Sales territories.

Goals set by sales people? What a crazy idea! This is a question of maturity. If we have already worked together on ” the keys to sales performance “, you have already gone some of the way. However, you know that building your sales territories or defining sales quotas is only one part of the equation. Data alone is not enough to create a culture where your salespeople behave like the CEOs of their franchise, which is the only true driver of sales performance.

Territory planning.

Territory planning is a pillar of sales strategy and execution. It reveals and requires key critical sales skills such as responsibility, autonomy, strategic thinking and and analytical and synthesis capabilities. An update for the current fiscal year is a good start. Current quarter analysis, progresses made on your critical missions including pipeline generation and resource utilization plan are a must. Among others.

Once the content of your Territory Plan defined, Territory planning will become your best tool to communicate up and across and align your organization to overachieve.

After evaluating your maturity on Territory planning, and automation with your CRM set as a key objective, the approach is simple: adopting the materials, the processes and the cadence that meet your needs.


  1. State of the art: assessment of your maturity; existing processes; data used.
  2. Activation: building the project team, template creation; usable data; search for automation.
  3. Enablement: training and implementation support. Live sessions.

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