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Let us hire the best talents for you. We specialize in high-level sales and marketing executives. Our understanding of all the components ofsales performance allows us to apprehend quickly the challenges of your strategic recruitments and to challenge you on thedefinition of the required profiles.. We usethe Success Factor methodology where vision, value, missions and risks are the starting point for the job description, not some static characteristics such as years of experience, knowledge or expertise. We cover all the stages of the recruitment process: sourcing strategy, job posting and advertising, hiring and assessment processes, references check, and follow up on achievements during the probation period.

According to some managers, good recruitment accounts for 80% of success. However, this skill is not commonly found among leaders and the cost of a bad recruitment of field reps or high level sales executives amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros. There are various reason for a bad hire : time pressure, unconscious reward to the best actors during interviews, cognitive biases and gut feeling, superficial interviewing methods, focus on past experience with little or no consideration for impact, or failure to take candidates’ aspiration into account. We teach you how to leverage and implement the Success Factor ® methodology: a structured hiring process that will allow you to sport and assess the best candidates based on the critical missions of the role, and expected skills and behaviors.

The time required for a high-flying salesperson or sales executive to be productive is estimated to be between 6 and 9 months. This is the time it takes for a talent to reach the break-even point. Depending on the complexity of the products or solutions you sell, and the complexity of your organization, it will take between 16 and 24 months for your talents to reach their full potential. The Onboarding, or integration phase, is a critical step which has a proven direct impact on your sales talents productivity. And your retention rate! The Onboarding phase is a matter of content and timing. We build with you an Onboarding program inspired by the major tech industry players, where knowledge acquisition is punctuated by precise deliverables and networking is boosted by mentoring.

Sales performance evaluation is often reduced to its simplest expression: goals attainment. As if resources, customers and territories were homogeneously distributed! Or conversely, it is so detailed that it contains a long list of skills and behaviors requirements that are impossible to judge in a transparent and objective way. Change management, adaptability, initiative, strategic agility, team spirit, reporting… With this offer, we allow you toidentify key contributors based on an unbiased measure of their performance combining skills, attitudes and activities. We conduct an in-depth audit of your sales force and top talent to uncover the keys to individual performance. Objective: an assessment and coaching support combining the 5 keys to a fair evaluation of real performance. Goal: replicate performance and boost your entire organization.

Promotions to to a manager role are often linked to results obtained as an individual contributor. Outstanding performance as an individual contributor or in a previous role is no guarantee of future success. Rising up while getting to the top is not enough. Skills and potential are not enough. Without the keys to establish credibility and lay the foundations of a successful transition during the first 90 days, the promotion launching pad may soon turn into an obstacle course. With this offer, we support your best talents in their transition to a new role in 9 key steps and help them build their 12-month action plan.

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