Onboarding and integration

Bold & Sharp helps you create your Onboarding process, structure it, and define the right deliverables at the right time.

Onboarding ?

A successful transition to a new sales role requires an Onboarding that goes beyond a big smile and a welcome cocktail. Oh, you also have a scavenger hunt, a company presentation and a product features and functions session? The ramp up of a sales person goes far beyond HR Onboarding. Retention and productivity of your new hire are at stake.


Onboarding is a cornerstone of sales talent management. During their Onboarding journey, your sales representatives get a glimpse of what is unique about your culture, your offer… And you. They make up their minds very quickly. Broken promises and unmet expectations will have serious consequences. Far beyond the famous fist 90 days.


Onboarding determines the success of your new hires and the speed at which they will become contributors to the success of your organization. In a word, their productivity. heir ability to adapt, to reach their goals or embrace your culture can be measured well beyond the first learning sessions… As far as your Onboarding program is carefully designed, with the right deliverables at the right time.

Want to increase your quota attainment ratio by 10%? Want to increase your retention rate by 40%?

After an audit of your Onboarding process, we create and implement a customized Onboarding path to increase the productivity of your reps and set you apart from competition.


  1. Audit: interviews, analysis and feedback on the current process.
  2. Design: Onboarding plan, interviews, tools, steps, content and deadlines.
  3. Activation: goals definition, roles and key contributors.
  4. Transfer and enablement: support and adjustments.

Talent management: strive for excellence et discover our offers



The keys to
sales performance
Taking up a new role
and transition

Does your onboarding process fail to create engagement and bear results?

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