The keys to sales performance

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Single performance.

Have you ever heard senior sales people talk about performance? As they see it, individual performance mainly depends on the ability to negotiate goals and get the right accounts. Apart from this, whatever your experience and expertise, the chances of success are uncertain. Well, let’s agree this not a fair assessment of sales talents skills.

Individual performance.

These senior sales are familiar with the latest sales methodologies. It may be relevant to listen to them before jumping to the conclusion they became bitter, devoid of enthusiasm and fatalistic. It may be time to ask yourself the right questions. Does my sales talents assessment rely on an objective analysis of their skills, behavior and activities? Do I have a fair judgment of the underlying reasons for outstanding sales productivity?

Team performance.

Not everyone has the same experience or the same territory. From goals attainment to lead generation assessment, it is useless therefore to focus on unique key performance indicators. Replicating performance starts with weighting gross performance with customers propensity to buy by industry. And a clear and objective talent detection grid.

What criteria do you use for a fair assessment of performance, good behaviors and attitudes to motivate and stimulate your entire team?

After an audit of your evaluation and development method, the approach is simple: we complete an audit of your sales force, we define the objective criteria to assess individual performance, and we make sales performance replicable to your entire sales force.


  1. Audit : key contributors and high potentials identification, interviews, analysis and restitution.
  2. Launch: building the project team, definition of performance criteria, and creation of the analysis tools.
  3. Activation: communication, coaching, performance reviews.
  4. Restitution: enablement, implementation and adjustments.

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and integration
Taking up a new role
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80% of your sales performance depends on 20% of your sales force?

Discover how to identify the keys to individual performance to turn it into a collective standard.