A word from the founder


Before Bold & Sharp

Bruno Sireyjol has spent 25 years in software sales. His previous roles include VP of sales EMEA with Bazaarvoice, Director of sales EMEA with Coupa, Director of sales with Concur SAP, VP of financial service with Sales force and Director of sales with EMC² Software. He has received multiple awards for restarting, developing, and turning around sales organizations.

The Bold & Sharp Impact

25 years in sales…Well, you may have spent all your life in a kitchen and still be a poor cooker. So, what are Bruno personal traits and attributes that will benefit customers while working with Bold & Sharp?

Creative Thinking

innovation and creativity are Bruno’s main traits; flawless execution has been learned and demonstrated throughout his tenures. Creativity is used to design strategies, remove obstacles, fix processes, and create tools with one purpose in mind: simplicity, productivity, efficiency.

Talent Management

Ruthless interviewer, talent detector, talent magnet, talent investor. Expect demanding, intense, yet benevolent sessions.

Sales methodologies

Of course. They are one of the pillars of the Bold & Sharp offer. Do not think you will be forced into a specific sales methodology. Challenger, Value selling, TAS will be leveraged to implement the methodology that drives results and fits into your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Can you claim to have had only successes?
No, my track record includes failures from which I have learnt and bounced back.

Is Bold & Sharp another coaching boutique?
No. No. Bold & Sharp is first and foremost about delivering measurable business impact though transformative packaged offers. Coaching is part of the journey.

Is Bold & Sharp another training organization?
No if by training you mean highly theoretical learning sessions. Hands on training and workshops on real life business challenges is how we do training.

When will you know you’ve made it?
The definition of success is complex and self-realization is part of it. The first milestone is to have 100 customers proud to say they are “Bold & Sharp”.

Is Bold & Sharp for start-ups and scale-ups only?
No. They are our main target at the moment but larger organisations and more established companies are welcome on Bold – on Board!



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