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As a specialist in sales strategy and performance consulting, we help B2B companies grow faster and better by adopting the most cutting-edge tools and methods in US tech.

We support general management, sales management, operations management and human resources management. Objective: bold decisions and advice to drive change.

Our offering is based on four pillars: talent management, sales strategy definition and execution, implementation of proven sales methodologies and ad hoc project management… And a single obsession: your performance.

Our 4 Pillars

Talent management

Aim for excellence in managing your most important asset: your sales talents.

Entrust us with your recruitment or discover our
Success Factors methodology
to ensure that good recruitment is a skill shared by all your leaders. Revisit your Onboarding to make it an unforgettable experience synonymous with retention and productivity. Identify your key contributors according to an objective measure of true performance combining skills, attitudes and activities, and replicate it… Or entrust us with afriendly audit of your sales force. Thanks to our tried-and-tested coaching method, we ensure that promotions and transitions of your top talents to key positions are a real springboard, not an obstacle course.


Sales methods

Not to mention sales techniques and qualification methods, which are confused with them, but sales methods are legion. SPIN, BANT or MEDDIC are not sales methodologies. They’re just thoughts if they’re not transformed into a sales process aligned with your customers’ buying process. Challenger Sales, Customer Centric Selling, SandlerTarget Account Selling or Solution Selling all have their advantages. Don’t let yourself be“enformed” and make the most of US Tech’s B2B approaches to build your own methodology: the one that will will enable you to serve your customers better, sell bettersell more.


Sales strategy and execution

If your sales action plan is a long list of priorities with no hierarchy and no figures, good luck convincing your finance department to follow you! Find out how data such as propensity to buy, weighted account potential, ideal customer profile and the tiering will help you segment your territory, prioritize your actions, and orchestrate your resources. Trouver the right balance eBetween data and creativity, focus on the right KPIs and make your approach a method for all your managers and sales people. Executing the fundamentals of sales excellence – territory plans, account plans and sales opportunities – will be that much easier. And more efficient.


Projects and Workshops

Your sales performance problem isn’t just about an offer available on the Internet. Your problem encompasses not only talent management, the impact of your sales method or your ability to define and execute your sales strategy, but also talent management, processes and systems. That’s why we offer you on-demand projects combining all the components of sales performance and the choice of the best sales and marketing tools. That’s why we also offer tailor-made workshops that will enable you to set ambitious and inspiring goals, refocus your organization around strategic, business and cultural axes, master your time and personal productivity or the art of negotiation.


They trust us


Their opinions count

Bruno was a fantastic coach, his point of view was always invaluable and I’ve always considered him a mentor. Bruno has strong opinions and a clear vision, and working with him is simple and straightforward.

Christopher Rapaport

Director Value Creation, Databricks

Bruno set up my onboarding. He helped me connect, organize, prioritize, plan and execute my plan successfully. He’s a true leader with a contagious energy that transforms sales teams.

Virginie Brard

Director of Sales Large Enterprise, Sprinklr

Bruno always finds a way to establish a special connection with his employees and help them grow. If your vision is to accelerate your organization’s development, I recommend it.

Ernest Adriaansz

Founder & Coach , AAA-Team

Bruno has been an excellent @Bazaarvoice leader. He supported, coached and challenged me to become a better leader. A second brain at your fingertips!

James Hackett

Divisional Vice President, Bazaarvoice

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