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AssessFirst hires Bold & Sharp to give its managers the keys to individual and collective coaching.



Mastery of the most advanced AI driven behavioral sciences and technology : this is how AssessFirst is revolutionizing human potential assessment and behavior prediction. AssessFirst makes it possible to source, identify, select, capture and develop the best talents.

How? Through a SaaS platform that identifies personality, motivations, and cognitive abilities. All of this is perfectly integrated with the most popular recruitment and human resources management tools.



With an annual growth rate of 40% and more than 100 employees, AssessFirst is moving fast, very fast. Offering the best talent detection tool doesn’t mean you should not support your leaders to optimize their impact by asking yourself the right questions about coaching:

  • How to individualize it?
  • How to navigate between assertiveness and empathy?
  • How to master feedback techniques and make it actionable?
  • How to approach critical conversations?



The “Coaching to Win” workshop: three personalized half-days between theory and practice including:

  • Connecting to oneself and the team: understanding team dynamics and the culture traps; detecting the strengths and weaknesses that make us bad coaches by accident; analyzing team dysfunctions and finding solutions to fix them.
  • The fundamentals of coaching: coaching methodologies, postures, purpose creation, feedback, personalization and prioritization… And the most common mistakes to avoid!
  • Critical conversations: techniques to analyze root causes, avoid biases and manage emotions; frameworks to understand what is at stake and choose the right path between motivation and enablement; navigating between advocacy and inquiry.



Alexandre Collignon, Chief Revenue Officer Alexandre Collignon, Chief Revenue Officer, said:

Why did you choose Bold & Sharp?
Tailor-made support, understanding of our needs, level of expertise, professional and personalized approach, follow-up: it was a no-brainer.

What were your goals?
Coaching our managers to improve our overall performance. Become aware of our strengths and areas for improvement and, in complete transparency, increase our skills on all coaching fundamentals.

What did you like?
The cutting-edge content, its personalization according to our challenges, the role-plays and the relevance of the trainer. The workshops really stands out from standard and theoretical training.

What are the key takeaways and expected impact?
Methodologies that can be applied to our daily business lives ; tips and tricks specific to our work environment and our culture. A more structured approach to support our employees; a better collaboration between managers; and the ability to adapt our coaching style to the topics addressed and individuals.

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