Sales methods

Chacun voit MEDDIC à sa porte.
Sales: everyone sees MEDDICC as ones pleases.
Sales: everyone sees MEDDICC as ones pleases. 1024 585 Bruno Sireyjol

Sharing the Bold & Sharp Workbook On Qualification was the occasion for many exchanges. Here’s a look back at the main topics raised, which deserve some clarification, starting with MEDDIC, MEDDICC, MEDDPICT and IMCCDDE.   MEDDIC is a Qualification Framework: MEDDICC has a strong following, and that’s a good thing. We prefer W10, by far.…

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Sales: sales plays are not just for juniors!
Sales: sales plays are not just for juniors! 1024 512 Bruno Sireyjol

In the world of sales, the spotlight often shines on charismatic individuals closing deals with apparent ease. These sales superstars exude confidence and an innate ability to connect with customers. They have conversations with decision-makers, while the average salesperson makes presentations and gravitate towards users. They enable customers to see solutions, while the average salesperson…

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Sales: the magic formula.
Sales: the magic formula. 1024 576 Bruno Sireyjol

The number of testimonies from Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn who complain about spending too much time with prospects who eventually stay with their current vendors or do not make any decision is massive. Surprising as it may seem, the situation is no different with our customers. Sales executives, and not only junior reps who learn the…

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Sales B2B: the death of the Champion.
Sales B2B: the death of the Champion. 1024 576 Bruno Sireyjol

In B2B sales, the Champion is typically a stakeholder within the customer’s organization who plays a crucial role in helping sales reps navigate the complexities of the buying process. He or she positively impacts the chances of closing a deal. So much so that Customer Centric Selling and Value Selling sales methodology include the Champion…

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Sales: Playing when the dice are loaded.
Sales: Playing when the dice are loaded. 1024 682 admin9696

Every sales executive has experienced the delicate situation where an RFP or a RFP like demand is received from a buyer out of the blue. The deadline is for tomorrow and the request is detailed enough to assume that your prospect has been thinking about the best solution to solve a business problem for a…

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Winning teams
The Keys to B2B Key Account Management
The Keys to B2B Key Account Management 1024 683 admin9696

Key account management is an organizational process used by B2B vendors. The name is self-explanatory: the point is to adopt a specific approach with your most strategic customers. Many KAM programs fail, are partially implemented, or dropped after a few months. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you want to fast forward your KAM…

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Sales KPIs
Sales KPIs 300 200 admin9696

A limited version of “The World of Sales KPIs” is available for download. The topic of sales performance measurement is endless. Without overwhelming you with numbers and figures about all the available KPIs, we give in the sections below some keys to manage your sales organization while debunking some myths on performance measurement and sales…

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Challenger Sales method : 5 mistakes to avoid.
Challenger Sales method : 5 mistakes to avoid. 1024 521 admin9696

Challenger Sales is the most innovative sales methodology since Solution Selling. It is sometimes criticized or mocked. On the one hand because it reformulates principles that are nothing new but are part of the ABC of sales. That is why we demystify the approach. The main reason, however, is its implementation challenge. Starting with the…

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Negotiation Ninja
Negotiation Ninja 1024 541 admin9696

Getting the best possible for yourself is what negotiation is all about. The best negotiators, know how to win with no or few concessions. It does not mean win/win approaches are for losers. But pricing discussion and discounting, which are often leveraged in sales to land deals, have little to do with a well conducted…

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Selling to the CFO.
Selling to the CFO. 1024 683 admin9696

Access to power is the surest way to secure a sales process. Similarly, not being granted access to power should be interpreted as a warning signal. Even though Challenger Sales recommends that sales people focus on mobilizers as to create consensus and catalyse action in multi stakeholders sales cycles. Simplistic approaches may consider champions as…

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