Strategy and execution

Sales: exploiting the Blue Ocean strategy.
Sales: exploiting the Blue Ocean strategy. 1024 585 Bruno Sireyjol

The Blue Ocean strategy is not just for strategists. It provides a powerful framework for sales professionals to rethink their entire sales approach, from qualification to value creation. In the competitive landscape of sales, where companies vie for market share and customers’ attention, finding ways to stand out can be challenging. In crowded “red oceans”,…

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Failure does not mean the same thing in sport and in the business world
Leadership: failure is failure.
Leadership: failure is failure. 1024 614 Bruno Sireyjol

You’ve probably seen and perhaps reacted to the video of Giannis Antetokounmpo answering a journalist’s question about the Bucks’ season: “should we consider the Bucks’ season a failure”. Yes, Mr. Journalist, you don’t get promoted every year, but that doesn’t mean your career is a failure. Yes, failures are small steps towards success. Yes, you…

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Winning teams
The Keys to B2B Key Account Management
The Keys to B2B Key Account Management 1024 683 admin9696

Key account management is an organizational process used by B2B vendors. The name is self-explanatory: the point is to adopt a specific approach with your most strategic customers. Many KAM programs fail, are partially implemented, or dropped after a few months. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid if you want to fast forward your KAM…

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Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index
Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index 1024 575 admin9696

The Bold & Sharp Organizational Health Index is ready. A limited version is available for download here. To get the full version, contact us and let us know how we can help. This index is for you if : You are overachieving but you are feeling something wrong may happen. After all, planning and anticipating…

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5 management mistakes and how to fix them
5 management mistakes and how to fix them 640 427 Boldandsharp

Being a sales manager is not easy, especially level 1 management, where you are in direct contact with your sales people. You have to find the balance between managerial fundamentals, coaching, guiding, innovating while driving the business of your team. In working with our clients to boost their sales performance, we have identified 5 critical…

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What sales management can learn from Lean.
What sales management can learn from Lean. 640 427 Boldandsharp

Lean means fast, lively, flexible, slender. Renowned for its tools, it would be simplistic to confine Lean to a pool of ideas and methods. Lean is above all the ability to act and react quickly thanks to agile thinking and nimble processes where customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and team process improvement are at the heart…

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The beauty of V2MOM
The beauty of V2MOM 640 427 Boldandsharp

The number of toolkits and frameworks available to execute a strategy and measure progress is spectacular. There is no right or wrong. Whether you use a balanced score card, OKRs, or OGSM does not really matter as long as you keep an eye on your overarching objectives. However, the tools you leverage however may tell…

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The hard truth about Territory planning
The hard truth about Territory planning 640 427 Boldandsharp

Strategic planning is the foundation of operational excellence. Territory planning is a powerful sales strategy and management tool. It is no wonder therefore that the most advanced territory planning systems look like strategic planning standards such as V2MOM, OKR or OGSM. This is the strategic planning framework for sales managers and reps. Since the creation…

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