Organizational balance

Bold & Sharp Bold & Sharp helps you refocus your organization with the 9 key components of brand identity.

Change management.

Mergers, acquisitions, forced change: organizations lose their direction and purpose. They lose their balance and get trapped in a downward spiral. Corporate identity and organizational dynamics are fragile in an ever changing world. Knowing how to manage change is a first step. Not sufficient however to dispel the anxiety and confusion that harm them to the point of losing their effectiveness.

Strategy and positioning.

Forget Porter’s 5 forces or SWOT analysis. Strategy and positioning have a crucial role to play but it may not be not enough to recover. If you have attended our session on strategic planning, you are familiar with the concepts of vision, values and missions. You are closer to the truth. Communication, culture, reason and purpose are critical components of teams cohesion and performance.

Organizational identity.

Stephen A. Greyser and Mats Urde added 6 elements to brand identity and reputation. We apply them to any type of organization, division, department or team, regardless of their size. As yoga helps us reconnect and refocus, we work together in this workshop to find the essence of your organization, its purpose and its performance drivers.

By leveraging the 9 components of brand identity and reputation, we identify what needs to be fixed, renovated, or updated within your organization to strengthen and refocus it.

After building the project team, the process is simple: we align your organization with who you are, what you want to be and the means to get there during a two days workshop.


  1. Inventory : project team creation, interviews, organizational identity perception
  2. Discovery: organizational identity and reputation definition, 9 boxes matrix.
  3. Activation : on site workshop and matrix completion.
  4. Enablement: implementation support.

Your board lacks direction or your teams lack inspiration?

In 2 days, we cover the 9 corporate identity and reputation components to refocus and strengthen your organization.

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