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Tools like Bant, Meddic and their variants variants are but static qualification frameworks if used without heavy customization These frameworks may reflect your sales process and give you the feeling you are in command and in safe control. Bad news: they do not mirror the way your customers actually buy, namely for longer sales cycles, and rarely translate into reliable sales forecasts, whatever your closing techniques may be

B2B purchasing process.

Opportunity management is defined as the art of mastering customers or prospects interactions at each stage of the buying process through specific time-bound objectives. Milestones and outcomes are set up for your sales team and your customers to take action and make decisions. In other words, simplistic qualification tools remain checklists that do not guarantee you will close deals faster. Even if you have taken our negotiation course.

B2B sales process.

Outstanding objection handling or knowing everything from your customers motivations to buy do not necessarily translate into a 100% forecast accuracy. Have you experienced the embarrassing situation where a deal at negotiation stage suddenly disappeared from the radar during your Forecast call? Effective opportunity management includes a sales cycle that mirrors your customer’s buying cycle, auditable steps and activities, sales job aids and a management system. Period.


Without implementing a complete sales methodology, we help your team speak the same language, from qualification to closing, and leverage the data and signals that will help you win at every stage of the sales cycle.

After an analysis of your current process, the approach is simple: building the functional framework, the target process for managing your sales opportunities and the sales job aids that meet your needs.



  1. Inventory: analysis of your current process; data used, identification of areas of improvement.
  2. Activation: project team creation; template design, actionable data; automation.
  3. Enablement: training and support for implementation. Hand-on sessions.

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Your conversion rate is not up to your expectations and nobody trusts your forecast?

We model your sales process and your strategic opportunities management framework so that your salespeople close more and faster.