Sales Planning data and KPIs

Bold & Sharp helps you define and monitor your sales strategy with objective data and the key performance indicators that matter.

Performance assessment.

A good plan and its proper implementation are key to success. As the saying goes, the good thing about poor planning is that failure comes as a total surprise without having to worry about it. Nothing on my radar, all good! Developing a business strategy is not just about KPIs based on best practices. When it comes to fine tuning your sales strategy, measuring sales performance is a means, not an end.

Strategic analysis.

Thinking is the cornerstone of business planning and data is king. No matter how solid your execution skills may be, ignoring what data you need to leverage to build your plan will get you faster into the wall a shame: total addressable market, serviceable obtainable market, weighted account potential, account scoring and historical productivity are critical data to segment your territories, and define a matrix or portfolio driven sales organization. An then define business objectives that make sense for you and your teams.

Operational Excellence.

Data will help you prioritize your actions and orchestrate your resources. Benefit: generate more transactions or land seven-figure deals. Combined with the right performance indicators and your top priorities, data will allow you to monitor the progress of your reps, of your organization and of your own goals. Let there be no mistake: the goal is to support your vision and intuition, not to stifle them.

The deliverable? A tactical and strategic executive summary which puts together your vision, your missions, your initiatives and your key performance indicators. The approach works no matter where you sit in the organization and no matter your role: business development, sales, individual contributor or member of the C-suite.

After analyzing your strategy and priorities, the approach is simple: defining an effective business strategy based on the key indicators you need to know to stimulate your vision and intuition.


  1. Assessment: understanding your strategy and related business objectives. Challenging them.
  2. Foundations: data selection; segmentation, hierarchy, prioritization.
  3. Activation: hand on workshops on the key elements of your strategic action plan.
  4. Enablement: help and support for implementation; follow-up and monitoring.

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Territory Planning

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Lack of clarity or certainty about your priorities and initiatives?

Use the right data and indicators to build your organization and your sales action plan.