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Aerow uses Bold & Sharp to align its recruitment process with its growth ambitions.


About us


Founded in 2004, Aerow is the French leader in consulting and integration in its field: intelligent document and information management. With 250 employees, a key account strategy and partnerships with major software vendors such as Microsoft or Opentext, Aerow now benefits from the support of the Abenex fund. The goal is to become the European leader by 2025.



Accelerate through new partnerships, new offers and international expansion. While preserving strong values focused on diversity and employee development. This is the roadmap. This raises the question of how to hire well. Hiring well and hunting for the best sales talent capable of supporting Aerow’s growth in key accounts while preserving its culture.


No more useless job ads, poorly prepared interviews and assessments based on gut feeling. Bold & Sharp introduces Aerow to the Success Factor approach for recruiting senior sales reps and business units leaders.


  • Clear missions.
  • Compelling job descriptions.
  • Reliable evaluations.
  • Successful recruitments.

We called on Bold & Sharp after several painful experiences with headhunting firms. We have been immediately challenged on the critical missions and priorities of the positions we offered.

The Success Factor approach is surprising: instead of jumping straight ahead into our usual standard criteria, we had to go backwards and take the time to redefine the missions and metrics within 3 and 12 months. After this preliminary workshop, we were able to list the skills and key success factors required for the roles and leverage them to create the assessment framework. These are the same criteria that we will leverage to assess new hires during the first 12 months.

Among the impacts of the mission:

1. A structured approach much appreciated internally and by candidates.

2. A fair assessment of candidates’ experience, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.

3. A brand new, somehow disruptive, approach adopted for every new hire..

Martin Prince, Director of Sales and Operations.