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Sodimate called on Bold & Sharp for a complete review of its organization, tools and strategy.


About us

Created in 1980, Sodimate is a French medium sized company specialized in water and smokes treatment. Equipment for storage, dosing, extraction, powdered products and sludge liming: 900 customers in 25 countries rely on the for the treatment and transfer of their wastewater and flue gases. And the environment that says “Thank you” to its 60 employees.


A differentiated offer, a high-end positioning and a recognized expertise are enough to thrive. Until when? Getting out of the comfort zone, capitalizing on strengths, identifying the points of improvement, the critical objectives to gear up, defining the absolute priorities: these are the legitimate questions that arise for any leader.


Through a series of uncompromising interviews with management, the design and technical office, the sales department and the sales team, Bold & Sharp delivers a performance audit that highlights suggestions, areas for improvement and corrective actions. Output:

I called on Bold & Sharp because the question of change inevitably arises for any medium-sized business leader. The options for the future are multiple and it is good to be supported in thinking through the strategic directions I have in mind for Sodimate.

The starting point was the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of our organization, our methods, our tools and the growth potential of our talents. Among the impacts of the mission:

1. Clear options for development alternatives and changes required.

2. Clear ideas ideas on which sales leader profiles to hire depending on the selected options.

Nicolas Ligouzat, Managing Director of Sodimate