Bold & Sharp Sales Operations Index
Bold & Sharp Sales Operations Index 1024 510 admin9696

Sales operations are supposed to be the armed wing of sales organizations. From goals setting to compensation programs, from sales enablement to best practices adoption, they should be the ideal partner that helps sales organizations focus on what they are paid for : selling more and selling better. How come sales ops are so much…

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Sales and marketing performance index
Sales and marketing performance index 1024 683 Boldandsharp

B2B sales leaders in find it difficult to understand the respective and combined role and impact of the sales and marketing functions. Efforts to transform sales and marketing often suffer from the lack of methodology and understanding of what benefits to expect from digitization or optimization of both functions. Bold & Sharp Sales and Marketing…

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5 mistakes to avoid in your forecast meetings
5 mistakes to avoid in your forecast meetings 640 427 Boldandsharp

Forecast calls have become one of the main activities in sales. It should not. Solid business opportunities management skills and being able to predict the numbers is vital, namely for public companies which credibility and performance is assessed against their ability to deliver their quarterly goals. However, when talking to sales leaders, we discovered that…

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The beauty of V2MOM
The beauty of V2MOM 640 427 Boldandsharp

The number of toolkits and frameworks available to execute a strategy and measure progress is spectacular. There is no right or wrong. Whether you use a balanced score card, OKRs, or OGSM does not really matter as long as you keep an eye on your overarching objectives. However, the tools you leverage however may tell…

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The hard truth about Territory planning
The hard truth about Territory planning 640 427 Boldandsharp

Strategic planning is the foundation of operational excellence. Territory planning is a powerful sales strategy and management tool. It is no wonder therefore that the most advanced territory planning systems look like strategic planning standards such as V2MOM, OKR or OGSM. This is the strategic planning framework for sales managers and reps. Since the creation…

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