Sales leadership: 4 étapes steps to reconnect after your vacations.

Sales leadership: 4 étapes steps to reconnect after your vacations. 800 534 Bruno Sireyjol

In our previous article Vacation tips for Sales Leaders, we acknowledged that it is neither possible nor recommended for some leaders to disconnect. Always-on leaders’ brain is never off.

Whether you belong to this kind of leader or not, we sincerely hope you enjoyed your vacations. Some of you may have found our tips useful. Some of you may have found our tips useful. Negotiating with your family and your boss, appointing someone you trust and can rely on as your backup, or making peace with your mobile may have allowed you to rest physically and mentally. You are back with batteries fully charged. What’s next?

If you have implemented the 2*2 rule, you are likely to start your first day with the kind of energy people find contagious…or exhausting. Before you consume your teams’ renewed oxygen and upset introverts, take time to Reconnect.


Reconnect with your back up:

The first thing you did when using the 2*2 days tip was to schedule your handover meeting, didn’t you? First things first: spend time to say, “Thank you”. Verbally and in writing.

Instead on focusing only on sales metrics, pipeline reports, and big rocks execution, put something else on the agenda: a project you can delegate and give full ownership, a task that he or she will be recognized and praised for.

Appointing someone as a backup sends a clear signal about your succession plan. Don’t wait for the next formal performance assessment meeting to address career progression, challenges, and opportunities for growth.


Reconnect with yourself:

Theoretically, setting up some time for you to focus and execute on your overarching priorities was also part of your 2*2 days principle. That means much more than being more organized or productive. This is a commitment to yourself to dedicate time to what really matters : strategic thinking, execution, communication, and self-development. Let’s focus on personal growth and strategic thinking.

No challenge available to take you out your comfort zone ? Create your own development plan: review your daily social networks alerts and keep or set up only the ones that help you learn something you need. Ideally, a combination of thought leadership, industry insight and a new skill you want to learn. Unsubscribe from other channels. Instead, set yourself the challenge to read one book per week.

You need to be at the top of your game to think strategically. Never compromise, procrastinate, or let other meetings interfere with this sacred time. Block 2 hours a week in your calendar during your super attention time. This time is yours : you think, you anticipate, and you strategize. What if your calendar is filled up with project reviews, follow-ups, or customer meetings? Maybe you have taken too much or don’t delegate enough. Think AICE.


Reconnect with your team:

Think AICE. Alignment, Impact, Commitment and Effort to prioritize, reassign, park, or remove initiatives. Review with your team the fresh ideas you parked in our master list while being on holydays together with ongoing projects. Be ruthless. Should you struggle, a limited version of the Bold & Sharp Must Win Battles workshop is available for download here.

Sales leadership is about delivering numbers. However, even if predictability tells a lot about your command of the business, try a different way to assess the current quarter. Stop the play by the book forecast meetings and loosen the choke chain of your details-oriented opportunities review.

Schedule one-one meetings. Come prepared but don’t drill down into details. Just highlight the opportunities where you need clarity, or you want to lean in. You have not hired sales talents to jump in every deal. Leaning back or out will send a clear message about who is in charge and reinforce trust.

Restate your organization objectives and strategies. Show how personal challenges and goals align and contribute. You will send a clear and individualized message about the broader impact and significance on their day-to-day job on your organization performance and create meaning.


Reconnect with your boss:

You may not enjoy the kind of positive working relationship that allows you to thrive. At least, it should allow you to do your job properly. Otherwise, shop for a new boss. Alternatively, put immediately on the agenda of your next discussion the items included in your Reconnect plan.

About your back-up :

validate you are on the same page on the career plan and the next steps designed for your successor. Make sure your A+ player is positioned in the spotlight and that no career stopper has been identified by top management. Get guidance on other stakeholders that could support or accelerate the transition.

About yourself :

a good succession plan is a good step towards your own transition. Share your achievements, strengths, and aspirations. Don’t rely on your performance only to secure your next step: ask for it. Worst case, you will get guidance on what still needs to be completed or skills you need to hone. Share the goals you have updated with your team and the reasons why you launched, prioritized or sunset projects. Just to make sure your decisions don’t conflict with your boss’ priorities.

About your teams:

Business first. Let your boss know how the current quarter and year end are shaping up. Focus on game changing opportunities and what help is needed on key topics like culture, structure, or systems. Spend some time on your direct reports’ current performance and development plans. Be crystal clear on where you can increase productivity and where you need resources for next year.


Summer vacations are well behind us. Don’t let the daily routine set up. By following the tips outlined in this article, we hope you will ease the transition back to work. Strengthening your connections with yourself, your team and your boss should ensure a harmonious and fulfilling post-vacation experience.

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