Our Workshops

Sales negotiation

Sales negotiation, especially in complex sales, is not just a price discussion. It starts as soon as your business opportunity has been qualified and goes on throughout your sales cycle. It requires coordination and collaboration with your teams… And the mastery of fundamental techniques such as BATNA, ZOPA or PRV. This workshop will enable you to tell negotiation from lies, to know when and how to make concessions, to distinguish between demand and interest, information and influence. It will give you the keys to create value and confidence while avoidingant assumptions, mental or emotional biases.  

Productivity and time management

Over-communication and interactions, both internal and external, fragment our work days. Having a plan is not enough: you need to be able to stick to it. After carefully defining your critical missions and associated initiatives, we share the best tools and practices to increase your personal productivity and regain control of your time: email management, attention management, planning and prioritization.  

Strategic planning

OKR, OGSM, V2MOM, Balanced Score Card, strategic planning. Ultimately, the name does not matter. The common denominator of high-performing managers, executives and sales people is that they combine a global vision with an outstanding ability to execute. From choosing the right tool for your organization and culture, to defining priorities, metrics and milestones: whatever the tool, we help you define the components of your strategic planning and turn it into a lever for employee engagement. 

Organizational balance 

Mergers, acquisitions, new strategic directions, forced change: some organizations are losing their balance, their cohesion and their efficiency. This workshop is for leadership to refocus and align on the 9 fundamental pillars of strategy, communication and competitive positioning. 

Do you have a custom project?

At Bold & Sharp, we help you develop a structured, efficient and replicable recruitment process. Identify the right candidates based on a realistic profile definition.