Sales KPIs
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A limited version of “The World of Sales KPIs” is available for download. The topic of sales performance measurement is endless. Without overwhelming you with numbers and figures about all the available KPIs, we give in the sections below some keys to manage your sales organization while debunking some myths on performance measurement and sales…

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Corporate values: you are accountable…
Corporate values: you are accountable… 600 400 admin9696

You are accountable.   The more we are involved in sales teams’ performance issues, the more conversations we have on accountability. Accountability is common in sales teams’ top values list. When brainstorming with the teams on what values reflect their culture and summarize what they stand up for, accountability is nowhere to be seen. While…

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Qui est votre meilleur leader commercial?
Who is your best sales leader?
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You can’t manage Who you can’t measure.   Successful Sales leaders, namely those taking up a management role for the first time, know how to shift from a business maker to an impactful management role. They instinctively focus on the attributes that most likely drive performance. Selling still matters of course. However, rather than checking…

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5 management mistakes and how to fix them
5 management mistakes and how to fix them 640 427 Bruno Sireyjol

Being a sales manager is not easy, especially level 1 management, where you are in direct contact with your sales people. You have to find the balance between managerial fundamentals, coaching, guiding, innovating while driving the business of your team. In working with our clients to boost their sales performance, we have identified 5 critical…

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What sales management can learn from Lean.
What sales management can learn from Lean. 640 427 Bruno Sireyjol

Lean means fast, lively, flexible, slender. Renowned for its tools, it would be simplistic to confine Lean to a pool of ideas and methods. Lean is above all the ability to act and react quickly thanks to agile thinking and nimble processes where customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and team process improvement are at the heart…

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