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Culture crap and culture trap
Culture crap and culture trap 322 182 admin9696

Corporate culture refers to the values and practices shared by an organization. These values and behaviors are supposed to penetrate corporate layers and direct the thoughts and actions of a group over the long term. The notions discussed in our article “5 management mistakes and how to fix them” are paramount: a company culture is…

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He is intelligent…
He is intelligent… 640 427 Bruno Sireyjol

When we work with our customers on improving their hiring process for finding the bast sales reps or we audit every single step, from jobs description to offer extension, to challenge our customers views. 😎Objective: hiring successfully, which start with successfully assessing candidates. 💊💊Some pains are easy to cure: an extensive review of the channels…

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Reference off, confidence out.
Reference off, confidence out. 640 428 Bruno Sireyjol

Whether candidates like it or not, reference checks are part of most hiring process. There are a some exceptions. Some people hire former colleagues from their professional network and are well versed in recruitment subtilities, enough to assess cultural fit and whether past success can be replicated in the new environment. Some people, under time…

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Can Sensitive strivers succeed in sales?
Can Sensitive strivers succeed in sales? 1024 683 Bruno Sireyjol

The pandemic may be over. While Omicrons wave keeps receding, emotional demands are still huge and unlikely to decrease. Especially in sales. We have already detailed why sales management and field sales management, oscillating wildly between strategy and tactics, thinking and execution, coaching and analysis, were extremely tough (5 Sales management mistakes easy to fix).…

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