Sales methods

Challenger Sales method : 5 mistakes to avoid.
Challenger Sales method : 5 mistakes to avoid. 1024 521 admin9696

Challenger Sales is the most innovative sales methodology since Solution Selling. It is sometimes criticized or mocked. On the one hand because it reformulates principles that are nothing new but are part of the ABC of sales. That is why we demystify the approach. The main reason, however, is its implementation challenge. Starting with the…

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Negotiation Ninja
Negotiation Ninja 1024 541 admin9696

Getting the best possible for yourself is what negotiation is all about. The best negotiators, know how to win with no or few concessions. It does not mean win/win approaches are for losers. But pricing discussion and discounting, which are often leveraged in sales to land deals, have little to do with a well conducted…

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Selling to the CFO.
Selling to the CFO. 1024 683 admin9696

Access to power is the surest way to secure a sales process. Similarly, not being granted access to power should be interpreted as a warning signal. Challenger sales may think sales people should focus on mobilizers as to create consensus and catalyse action in multi stakeholders sales cycles. Simplistic approaches may consider champions as the…

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5 mistakes to avoid in your forecast meetings
5 mistakes to avoid in your forecast meetings 640 427 Bruno Sireyjol

Forecast calls have become one of the main activities in sales. It should not. Solid business opportunities management skills and being able to predict the numbers is vital, namely for public companies which credibility and performance is assessed against their ability to deliver their quarterly goals. However, when talking to sales leaders, we discovered that…

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Solution Selling is not dead.
Solution Selling is not dead. 925 617 Bruno Sireyjol

If you think Solution Selling is about asking a prospect “what keeps him up at night” during your first meeting, then Solution Selling is dead and buried.⚰️ Solution Selling’s reputation was built on deep discovery of needs. And a sometimes heavy-handed questioning technique of aligning the benefits of the proposed solution to those needs. Reductive…

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