Sales strategy and execution

Sales planning: key data and indicators

Thorough thinking and tough calls always precede the planning and execution phases. It is still necessary to know and use the right data to make the right decisions. Total addressable market, servicable available or obtainable market, propensity to buy, weighted account potential are essential data to segment your territory, prioritize your actions, and allocate your resources. Before defining your sales organization and critical missions, find the right balance between figures and intuition, between strategic vision and historical data.

The keys to Territory Planning

Who said that Territory planning sessions should be painful? Yet getting the content and review of territory plansis an exercise that few managers and sales people are comfortable with. Territory plans are the pillar of your sales strategy.. Current quarter analysis, progress on strategic objectives for the current year, definition and monitoring of key performance indicators:from pipeline generation to the in-depth analysis of your business opportunities, build and leverage territory plans that turn your salespeople into the CEOs of their franchise.

The keys to account planning

AccountPlanning or account plans concern only your key accounts. Not only the accounts where you sell the most, but also those where you expect to sell more and build a strategic relationship. Account plans are the natural extension of the detailed analysis of your data such as the propensity to buy the segmentation of your territory, and your territory plans. Building account plans template, account reviews fequancy and pace,commitment and team collaboration,, information, data and metrics to gather and master to sell more and better: let us define the process and the support adapted to your business.

Opportunity management

Opportunity management is not just about qualifying and using BANT or MEDDIC. It’s all about aligning with your customers’ buying process…Not checking off the boxes in your sales process. A solid plan and the ability to adjust it based on customer interactions provide a sound basis. The ultimate goal is to differentiate at every stage of your customer’s buying journey. Sales process steps, deliverables, verifiers, stakeholders identification, psycho, power and influence: we deliver the methods andthe toolstoclosemore and faster. Along with a realistic and reliable forecast.

Harnessing the power of data, leveraging key performance indicators, territory planning, account planning and opportunity management:

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